Piper J Daniels

Piper J. Daniels’s “Ladies Lazarus” reviewed at VIDA

"Ladies Lazarus is an unapologetic work, so bitch and bad-ass, in the ways it uses beauty as a creative principle and transgressive force. It is the beauty that allows us to transform our shames into something usable...." -- Arisa White, VIDA

New essay by TS author Piper J. Daniels featured at Entropy Mag

"What I finally understand is that the stories for and about people like us are not real. They are borne of fear and control. They are ghost stories authored by people who haven’t the courage to place their fingers upon the planchette, never mind open themselves to the apparition." -- Piper J. Daniels

The 2017 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize Winners & Finalists

We don't need to tell you that the last several months have been exceptionally brutal. Nor will we comment further, except to say it is in the context of this nationwide brutality that we read manuscripts for the 2017 TS Book Prizes.

Piper J. Daniels, “Sirens”

An exceptional essay on demons, mental illness, self-harm, and suicide, which we're publishing just in time for Christmas. "If human life is an oath, then suicide for me was like an oath recited backwards, a protest against the physical body that gave entrance to that first strange and violent ghost and all that followed," writes Piper J. Daniels.