Co-winner of the Tarpaulin Sky Book Awards
Forthcoming, Spring 2020

Debut author Julia Brennan’s Hunting Season is part auto-fiction, part lyric essay, part lament, part film journal, part performance, and part exorcism. Challenging traditional victim/perpetrator narratives, Hunting Season is an intimate investigation into the ways we learn to love and wound.

He was my teacher. He was teaching me how to be explicit in my work, and in his bed, we were doing very explicit things.

Secretly, he and I slept in a sunroom in the back of his house, and I called him mother and he called me child. It was an incest game we played.


Julia Brennan is a writer and performer from central New York. She holds an MFA in fiction from Brown University, where she won the Frances Mason Harris ’26 manuscript award. Her work has been published in Hotel Amerika and Big Big Wednesday, and is forthcoming in Quarterly West. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island, where she teaches at Providence College.