Co-winner of the Tarpaulin Sky Book Awards
Forthcoming, Spring 2020

Taking the form of two long poems, “Interro-Porn” and “Chenille,” Womonster explores the often monstrous and buffoonish impossibility of a coherent self, even as its speakers take great pleasure in the performance of selves. Everywhere absorbing and leaking other media, Womonster is a “sloppy” text, at once nauseating and thrilling, psychedelic and domestic. “Olivia Cronk is one of my favorite US poets over the past 15 years. Womonster is something like Lars Noren’s Revolver rewritten with Ouija board.” — Johannes Göransson

You’re dead meat baby.
You’re not gonna kill the Internet, and you already missed your chance to sleaze up your thirties.

I’m sure I don’t know what you mean
but that choke of diamonds
is certainly sweetening the deal.


Olivia Cronk is the author of Louise and Louise and Louise (The Lettered Streets Press, 2016) and Skin Horse (Action Books, 2012). With Philip Sorenson, she edits The Journal Petra.