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atDirtyFranksdavid wolach is founding editor of Wheelhouse Magazine & Press and has been an active participant in Nonsite Collective. wolach is the author of Hospitalogy, from Tarpaulin Sky Press, as well as Occultations (Black Radish Books, 2010), Prefab Eulogies Volume 1: Nothings Houses (BlazeVox [books], 2010), and book alter(ed) (Ungovernable Press, 2009). A former union organizer and installation artist, wolach’s work often begins as site-specific and interactive performance and ends up as shaped, written language. Critical work on the poetics of spatial practice can be found in Aufgabe, P-Queue, Jacket and Sibila: Poesia y Cultura. Current work includes collaboration with composer Arun Chandra on a 4-channel sound-text composition for four voices, a set of pieces which includes “modular arterial cacophony” from Occultations, and a series of essays on labor organizing in Detroit amidst the headwind of the Right To Work Committee’s union-busting rhetorical strategy. wolach is professor of poetry, poetics, and queer & cultural theory at The Evergreen State College, and visiting professor in Bard College’s Workshop In Language & Thinking.


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Fab poet Jake Kennedy reviews Claire Donato’s Burial and David Wolach’s Hospitalogy. Here are two snippets: Out of Lispector (possibilities/impossibilities of form)… out of...

Tarpaulin Sky Press is pleased to announce that it has selected not one but two manuscripts from the 2010 open reading period: Claire Donato’s novel, Burial, and David Wolach’s poetry collection, Hospitalogy, both of which will be published in Spring 2013. Congrats!

Black Radish Books ISBN: 9780982573129 RRP: $15.00 168pp. Reviewed by Nicky Tiso Occultations is a fiercely intimate, original, and complex work. Written thru carefully...