claire-donato-burial-coverFab poet Jake Kennedy reviews Claire Donato’s Burial and David Wolach’s Hospitalogy.

Here are two snippets:

Out of Lispector (possibilities/impossibilities of form)… out of Woolf (some kind of ruthless charting of suffering)… out of Waldrop (a crystalline philosophy of images)… here comes—with power—CD and her debut poemnovel Burial….

Torquing grief, too, in order to know it, is David Wolach in Hospitalogy; it’s (this book is) about or around or in or approaching bodies and it (this book) works in order to gut those who have gutted hospitals and finally (this book works) to challenge and expose those systems that have been set on keeping the body or bodies or identities restricted to categories of the singular or the coherent/pinned ’n’ wriggling or static or ever-busted or just plain down….

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