Gordon Massman

Gordon Massman divides his time between Medford, Massachusetts, and the island of Frenchboro, Maine. Poems from The Essential Numbers 1991-2008 have appeared in The Numbers (Pavement Saw Press) as well as in Exquisite Corpse, The Harvard Review, The New York Quarterly, Pleiades, Tarpaulin Sky, and elsewhere.


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TSky Press author Gordon Massman (The Essential Numbers) has a new chapbook, Core Sample, which is cause enough for celebration (or locking up the...

At Black Ocean, Chris Tonelli (micro-) reviews Gordon Massman's *The Essential Numbers* (Tarpaulin Sky Press, 2009): "His Numbers are absolutely essential. Massman’s poems burn like pure grain in the mouth.... Read, you pithy coward—read."

At Trickhouse, Tarpaulin Sky Press author Gordon Massman (*The Essential Numbers 1991-2008*) is interviewed by Ana Bozicevic, Blake Butler, Elena Georgiou, Amy King, and Selah Saterstrom.

Trickhouse #5 is Tarpaulin Sky #16. Curated by Noah Saterstrom. Featuring Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Thalia Field, Anne Waldman, Lisa Jarnot, Caroline Bergvall, Joanna Howard, Heide Hatry, Lisa Birman, Brandon Shimoda, Lisa Schumaier, Gordon Massman, Amy King, Ana Bozicevic, Josh Friedman, and Verbobala.

At HTML Giant, Blake Butler reviews Gordon Massman's *The Essential Numbers 1991-2008*: "So brutally right there and fucked and ready to fuck your head.... Where so much ‘poetry’ can be yadda, these are words saying something hard and loud, and meaning it.... This is the kind of book you can’t ask for until you have it."

Featuring work by Charles Carroll, Thad Fowler, Suzanne Karpilovsky, Mary A. Koncel, Gordon Massman, Laura McCullough, Vic Perry, Bob Pokorney, Thomas Swiss.