Noah Saterstrom is a visual artist who grew up to provide cover art for several Tarpaulin Sky Press projects, including book covers for Jenny Boully’s not merely because of the unknown that was stalking toward them, Shelly Taylor’s Black-Eyed Heifer, and Gordon Massman’s Essential Numbers, as well as the cover of Tarpaulin Sky Issue #17, and the cover and feature art for Issue #10, in addition to providing illustrations and cover art for Noah Eli Gordon’s and Joshua Marie Wilkinson’s Figures for a Darkroom Voice.

In addition to painting and drawing, Noah has made video works, written essays and is currently working on an animation.  Recent exhibitions include Soldiering, a text/image collaboration with poet Anne Waldman (University of Arizona Poetry Center, Blaze Vox Books), 5 Text/Image Collaborations (Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC), Bunny Magic:  100 Works on Paper (Yardmeter Editions, Brooklyn, NY), Now We’ll Decide Who Comes from Where (Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans, LA) and Memory[Memory] (Lodginghouse Mission Homeless Shelter, Glasgow, Scotland).

Noah is also founder and curator of the online cross-disciplinary art journal, Trickhouse and maintains Noah’s Work-a-Day Page where he posts drawings and paintings on a daily basis.

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