Tarpaulin Sky @ AWP Tampa

Going to AWP? Tarpaulin Sky Press will be at Table 644 with new books, "old" books, Satanic coloring books, heaps of illicit drugs, and zero fucking guns. We'll also be reading Friday night with Essay Press and Reality Beach. Join us!

Elizabeth Hall’s “I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris” (TS 2016) reviewed at Full Stop

"Hall can evoke in her reader’s mind questions about many things including: the limits and potentials of language, the indeterminacy and implications of sexual difference, and the culturally relative, socially constructed and situated nature of science and ethics. But Hall does this without the esoteric, overly-academic tone usually associated with these topics.... After all, it’s a book about fucking, and coming. It’s fun to read."

2017 TS Book Prizes: Thirty Days to Deadline

November 30th is the deadline for the Tarpaulin Sky Press biennial biennial reading period for manuscripts in any genre. Two manuscripts will be chosen for publication -- one by Bhanu Kapil, the other by TS Press editors. Each author will receive $1000.

Shira Dentz curates: six reviews, an interview, and a tribute

Melanie Jordan’s Hallelujah for the Ghosties reviewed by Barbara Duffey; Ander Monson’s Letter to a Future Lover reviewed by Kelly Lydick; Nicholas Mosley’s Metamorphosis reviewed by Michael Mejia; Wendy S. Walters’ Multiply/Divide reviewed by Aisha Sabatini Sloan; Tom Williams’ Among the Wild Mulattos reviewed by Matthew Kirkpatrick; Marina Zurkow’s The Petroleum Manga reviewed by Michael McLane; Nathan Meltz and Shira Dentz interview Tomm Moore; and the late Stephen Rodefer is paid tribute by Martin Corless-Smith.