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Aaron Apps’s Intersex (TS 2015) in American Book Review

“Graphic vignettes involving live alligators, diarrhea in department store bathrooms, domesticity, dissected animals, and the medicalization of sex…. Aaron Apps’s hybrid work extends beyond the lyrical and textual… An abandonment of sorts, a style of writing unafraid of failure and therefore willing to employ risk as a model for confronting violence, living with it, learning from it.”

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The Rumpus Review of Elizabeth Hall’s “I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris” (TS, 2016)

Allie Rowbottom at The Rumpus writes a brilliant review of Elizabeth Hall’s I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris (TS, 2016): “an orgy of information…. at once sexy and scientifically compelling … rendered with graceful care, delivering in small bites an investigation of the clit that is simultaneously a meditation on the myriad ways in which smallness hides power.”

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TS author Steven Dunn interviewed at Tethered by Letters

“I’d been reading Tarpaulin Sky books for about four years before I submitted to them. I knew they made beautiful books, and was publishing writing that I felt were taking risks and fucking shit up. So when they decided to publish Potted Meat, I knew I was in good hands, and in good company with all of the other badass writers they have published, are publishing, and will publish.”

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