Elizabeth Hall

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Tarpaulin Sky Press joins Action Books, Calamari Archive, and Per Second Press. Featuring Aaron Apps, Amy King, Nat Baldwin, Claire Donato, Johannes Goransson, Elizabeth Hall, Brandon Hobson, Valerie Hsiung, Robert Lopez, Vi Khi Nao, Julie Reverb, Joanna Ruocco, and Abe Smith.

Elizabeth Hall’s “I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris” (TS 2016) reviewed at Full Stop

"Hall can evoke in her reader’s mind questions about many things including: the limits and potentials of language, the indeterminacy and implications of sexual difference, and the culturally relative, socially constructed and situated nature of science and ethics. But Hall does this without the esoteric, overly-academic tone usually associated with these topics.... After all, it’s a book about fucking, and coming. It’s fun to read."

TS author Elizabeth Hall interviewed at Brooklyn Magazine

Interviews, even with the most amazing people, are still only as good as the interviewer. At Brooklyn Magazine, we all get lucky with the fab Marian Ryan, who is right at home with Elizabeth Hall and her debut, I Have Devoted My Life to the Clitoris (TS Press, 2016).

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