Paula Koneazny

Paula Koneazny lives in northern California in a blue house with numerous rosebushes and four cameras. She is the author of two previous chapbooks: The Year I Was Alive from dpress and Vernacular from Todd Melicker’s micro-press eyesparrow editions. She is an assistant editor of Volt: A Magazine of the Arts.

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A misplaced modifier functions as an affirmation or negation:

He nicknamed her Plover, not long ago; she recorded animal oddities as
they passed her by on the loop. At present, she prefers to be known as
Homemaker. Now seminally at home, she answers her Hot Line. And
when he asks politely, she migrates up his torso.

Tarpaulin Sky Press is delighted to announce that it has chosen not one but two chapbooks from the 2010 reading period: Claire Hero's "Dollyland," and Paula Koneazny's "Installation," which will be published in 2012.

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