Brought to you by 5-Track, who may also be found singing and playing bass and guitar in a number of bands in the U.S., including Peg, Beyond Captain Orca, MKB-Ultra, Toast Fantasy, Argan Band, Walking Faces, and Astrol Waters. He records his own and other people’s noises on his indie label, Cosmic Primitive.

Astrology For Guitar

“One day in Los Angeles (February 3rd 2014 from the looks of things) it occurred to me to assign a note to each of the 12 Western astrological signs.”

Remember To Breathe

“In the late 1990s I started having mini-meltdowns inside my head as I played: whether this or that was the right note to play next, whether everyone in the room hated the note I was playing now & thus perhaps hated me by extension.”