Emily Toder

Emily Toder is the author of the chapbook, Brushes With, from Tarpaulin Sky Press. She is a translator, letterpress printer and New Yorker living in Northampton, MA, where she attends library school and runs Nor By Press. Her translation of Edgar Bayley’s short fiction, The Life & Memoirs of Doctor Pi & Other Stories, is available from Clockroot Books.

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Co-edited by Carina Finn & Ji yoon Lee, with contributions by Johannes Göransson and Emily Hunt, Action Yes Issue #17 features poems by TSky Press chapbook author Emily Toder as well as poems by Zvonko Karanović, translated by TSky Press author Ana Božičević. In addition: excerpts from required-reading-for-the-apocalypse, the authorless Ark Codex ±0, from Derek White's Calamari Press; lyric possession by fave new Black Ocean poet Feng Sun Chen; and other voces magicae from the likes of . . .

This week cannot be total crap, and here's proof: at least one great thing has already happened: TSky press chapbook author Emily Toder has published her first full-length collection of poetry, the sort of poetry only Emily Toder can write, poetry that makes you wonder why you don't get to live every day in the surreal Pythagorean-curio-shop-and-magic-garden world that Toder's poems inhabit, until you realize that you actually can live there every day, via the afore-alluded-to fibrous portal called a book, the newest and biggest and bestest of which is called SCIENCE, cloned by Coconut Books and made viral by Small Press Distribution.