Steven Dunn

October 2018 at TS Press: Steven Dunn, “water & power”

Praise for Steven Dunn: "Texts that keep tapping the nails in, over and over, while speaking as clearly and directly as you could ask." (BLAKE BUTLER, VICE MAGAZINE) "Complex and bold and conflicted and powerful and terrified and tough and human." (KHADIJAH QUEEN) "Collapses the boundaries between poetry and prose, memoir and fiction." (NIKKI WALLSCHLAEGER)

Diagram Review of Steven Dunn’s “Potted Meat” (TS 2016)

Our thanks to the brilliant Dana Green, who reviews Steven Dunn's Potted Meat (TS 2016) at the always-excellent Diagram: "The blend between detail, sincerity, and raw honesty finds its home in a fragmented, short form that only tells what it needs to, and continually leaves me without breath."

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