The new Granta leads with chapters from Steven Dunn’s forthcoming second novel with TS Press, water & power.

In the Introduction to Granta 142: “Animalia,” publisher Sigrid Rausing describes the gravitas and strangeness of Dunn’s new work:

Our lead piece, ‘The Taxidermy Museum’ by Steven Dunn, is part of a longer work made up of a number of fictional interviews, mostly with soldiers, adding up to a surreal and compelling indictment of the US military machine. In this excerpt, a taxidermist explains the process of mounting the bodies of soldiers who have died in war (often, we can’t help but notice, from suicide or friendly fire) in military dioramas. The distinction between humans and animals is erased, and no one really notices.

Read and excerpt from “The Taxidermy Museum” and buy Issue 142 at the Granta website. 

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