… and we are grateful. Especially as Blake reviewed Potted Meat in an article titled “The 22 Best Books I Read in 2016.”

Here’s the excerpt:

Some folks need a hundred pages to get you in the gut. Potted Meat, meanwhile, contains 101 pages of miniature texts that keep tapping the nails in, over and over, while speaking as clearly and directly as you could ask. A childhood of confusion and abuse blossoms into military conscription like watching a life pass before your eyes. Zero indulgence, all formative. Bone Thugs, underage drinking, alienation, death, love, Bob Ross, dreams of blood: This thin thing is flooded with power.

Proceed directly to VICE to read the whole post, which features so many of our faves: Vi Khi Nao, Lily Hoang, Molly Brodak, Brian Evenson, Renee Gladman, Mark Baumer, et al.