steven-dunn-potted-meatThanks to Caren Beilin and Full Stop you can read a great interview with TS author Steven Dunn (Potted Meat, 2016).

Here’s a snippet, re Steven’s thoughts on plot:

Before, I tried to put this story in the conventional-story-arc-form (because that’s what I thought a book was supposed to look like). But it didn’t feel right, so I think the story itself was resisting. What I learned from Selah Saterstrom, was that stories/projects come with their own instructions, and it is the writer’s job to listen. Fortunately, I finally got to a place where I was able to listen to the story on its terms, and write it in a way that felt right and honored its disjunctions, silences, and uncertainties. I guess I also resist in the way that I prefer the other definitions of plot, like a burial plot or garden plot: a space to excavate, grieve, cultivate, construct, or whatever types of work has to be done there.

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