We’re big in Britain. Granta features the first third of Steven Dunn’s brilliant, wrenching, debut novel, Potted Meat, co-winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize.

Potted Meat is out “officially” on August 1st. If you haven’t already “pre-ordered” Steven’s novel from us, do yourself a favor.

Here’s an excerpt of what you’ll find in Granta.

Bob Ross is on. He has paint. I don’t. First I grind flowers with a rock but it don’t work. I chew and chew dandelions. Spit mixes into yellow paste. I chew grass. I chew mulberries. I chew wild onions. They don’t make color so I swallow. Tingles back of the neck and waters my eyes. Chew coal. Chew red clay. Chew what a grasshopper chews. I chew a grasshopper. Crunchy, then juice squirts to back of throat. The paste is chunky brown green white. Lick off hand and chew until smooth. Open jar, chew lightning bugs. Wait till night when they light, then rip off the ass, smear it on my face.

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