Christian PeetEveryday Genius includes three days of alleged genius from TSky publisher Christian Peet, via something called “Kabbalnacht” in three “Tritone Lectures” (see one, two, three).

The Tritones are arranged in four measures and constitute the Twelve Black Holes of Wisdom, which hath for their root and crown the Ineffable (K).

Above (k) is O.
Above O is ( ).

The twelve Tritones form the Illumasonic Tree of Sorrow.

Or none of this is true, but we remain sad.

Thanks to poet Joe Hall (Devotional Poems, Black Ocean), who is guest-editing January’s edition, writers and artists this month also include Jamalieh Haley, Chad Hardy & Park Jung Hong, TC Tolbert, Joseph Mains, Joshua Kleinberg, Emily Anderson, Monica Mody, Drew Krewer, Lara Durback, Scott Garson, Kaia Sand, Kate Greenstreet, and Amanda Montei & Jon Rutzmoser. Still to come are Jennifer Tamayo, Mike Scalise, Lara Durback, Joost Bars, Mathias Svalina, Brian Mihok, and J Hope Stein.