flyer131119_400TSky Press authors Johannes Göransson and Joyelle McSweeney, along with faves Aase Berg and Lara Glenum, are reading at the Stockholm International Poetry Festival, where this year’s theme is Gurlesque.

Festival-promo translation provided by Johannes:

In the age of Pussy Riot, poets from around the planet are sharpening their pens against the media’s portrayal of women’s role in society. “Gurlesque” is a feminist movement in literature that expresses femininity and sugar-sweet cuteness as well as grotesqueries and violence. It is a maximalist aesthetic that mixes high and low culture, obscenity and artifice, kitsch and disgust. It blends strains of Riot Grrl and the harajuku, Disney flicks and splatter films, mixes HC Anderson with Sylvia Plath.

Read more at the website for the Stockholm International Poetry Festival.