New from Ana Bozicevic & Birds, LLC: Rise in the Fall


So, you’ve done shot yourself full of the new Boully, but like any good poetry addict, you want more.

You’re in luck, exquisite corpses. The bangers at Birds got a brand new bundle from Stars of the Night Commute author Ana Bozicevic: Rise in the Fall.

And it looks as good as it feels, fiends, thanks to cover art and illustrations by Bianca Stone.


ISBN 9780982617786 | Perfect-bound, 80 pp., 5.9 x 8.8 | Buy it directly from Birds.

“One of our most rambunctious and charismatic poets, Ana Božičević bends our lingual sensibility on a wild worldly trajectory not to be missed.”

—Anne Waldman

“This is more the work of an ancient waterfall than a human. One that told stories, broke dishes and wept. Got drunk rode a horse to the city in the moonlight shouting songs. No matter what the radiant, brilliantly unbalanced work of Ana Božičević always feels right. She’s a bit of a colossus. It’s stuck, it’s in motion. It’s absurdly enough.”

—Eileen Myles

“Just so you know: there is thin difference between self-definition and self-mutilation.”

—Vanessa Place