At The Paris Review, Nicole Rudick interviews TSky Press author Danielle Dutton (Attempts at a Life) about her fabulous press, Dorothy, a publishing project, along with topics ranging from crossover readerships (you know, poets who deign read fiction, and vice versa), artist Yelena Bryksenkova, book design, and the real Aunt Dorothy.

Here’s a snip:

I’ve always loved books as objects. The press is named for my great aunt, a mysterious spinster, who was a librarian, and every year on my birthday and on holidays, she would send me editions of children’s books, with rice or onion paper between the prints. So from a young age, I’ve just loved holding books and having beautiful books. And when I began writing and started to think about having my own book, I noticed how many ugly books there are. Then working at Dalkey and doing cover design, I read about the history of book and cover design. I also looked at other small presses that have beautiful books. It became absolutely important to me.

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