At The Rumpus Nick Sturm reviews Sarah Goldstein’s Fables.

For which we are immensely grateful.

‎”Horrifying and humbling in their imaginative precision,” says Sturm, “the stories of Sarah Goldstein’s collection, Fables, awaken the tension between human and nonhuman in these haunting vignettes…. Antiquated elements mix with contemporary moments of horror to create a wholly new kind of fable, one with implications that are discomforting and threatening in their lack of resolution.”

Pastoral scenes are corrupted by cursed transformations, home and identity become sites of violence and confusion, and the line between the human and the nonhuman, marked by magic and brutality, is continually in flux, being realigned….

These stories illuminate themselves through their common interest in exploring the liminal spaces between human and nonhuman, natural and supernatural, and ripping open the differences to see what bleeds out.

“Be sure not to leave this one laying out for the kids,” says Sturm.

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