ana-bozicevicThanks to SJ Fowler, TSky Press author Ana Božičević (Stars of the Night Commute, 2009) is interviewed at 3:AM Magazine, wherein she at once edifies, inspires, and melts us (as is her way), as she holds forth on “home,” among other slippery subjects.

Here’s an excerpt:

3:AM: I’m interested in your relationship with Croatia, emotionally, creatively. . . . Do you feel an indelible nostalgia for Croatia?

AB: I remember thinking I wasn’t in love with anyone at the time, so there was no real reason for me to stay. Probably the truth is I knew I wasn’t entirely “of Croatia” even then, and so I was free to go. . . . Nostalgia thinks there’s a place where there is no place, and in its honest, touching delusion it’s no different than any other lover.

Read the full interview.

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