The Black Sheep Dances reviews Andrew Zornoza’s Where I Stay.

Says The Black Sheep:

This definitely isn’t the scenic route: Zornoza’s travels take him to the edge of urban life, mainly concentrating on the rough roads and deserted highways that have been left in the past by time and progress. The landscape is grey, gritty, and jagged: much like the words he chooses to describe his interactions and his reactions to it all…. He encounters the most diverse group of people imaginable, all lingering on the outskirts of city and suburban life, some intentionally and some without choice. The black and white photographs heighten the sense of distance and reminded me of a Dust Bowl migration. There’s sadness within it all, yet the traveller continues. Much like an epic quest, he keeps pursuing that which he cannot identify….

An excellent collection…. It reminded me somewhat of Sam Shepherd’s Day Out of Days.

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