At Prick of the Spindle, Cynthia Reeser reviews Mark Cunningham’s Body Language:

Whatever the approach to these works, they are thought-provoking without fail….

While included are more expected pieces like “The Elbow,” “The Neck” and “The Lymph System,” what would a collection on the body be without works like “The Male Nipple,” “The Bruise” and “The Fart”? Most of the poems in Body retain the feel of a riddle and, while they are necessarily less heady than the works of Primer, are by turns enigmatic, light and thoughtful. “Breath” does a wonderful job of addressing a rather elusive topic, doing so in unexpected fashion: “In quiet moments, you hear it, the static between you and all things.”

The appeal of Body Language is universal. Always thought-provoking, always enjoyable and unexpected, the combination of topics of math, language and symbolism via the alphabet and the body as a complex system, turns out to be an appropriate, engaging compendium.

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