Pennsylvania is sort of big compared to a child but
that is not really the point here. The point is that
the president, in my dream, was making a lewd
gesture, pointing towards my body and I thought,
we’ve got him. He’s totally cooked. Someone write
the book about how he is so over—we are all over it.
This new expression, I guess it means “I have stopped
loving you” because people on TV are using it and the
woman in the store today, she used it too. We are
all over it, we say collectively, we.
One day it was something that no one
said and the next it’s on the television and
there is nothing, not one thing wrong with learning
from the fine people on television. They
obviously did something great to get there, so
if you try harder you will be over it too.

Amanda Nadelberg's first book, Isa the Truck Named Isadore, was chosen by Lisa Jarnot as winner of the 4th Annual Slope Editions Book Prize and will be published Spring 2006. Other poems are forthcoming in Octopus, Conduit, Jubilat and No: a journal of the arts. She lives in Minneapolis.


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