Tarpaulin Sky Online Literary Journal V3n3-4

Poetry, prose, transgenre work, art, and reviews.

Jesus Aguado

Electa Arenal (tr.)

Julie Carr

Jan Clausen

Josh Corey

Michael Costello

Barbara DeCesare

Joan Fiset

Sandy Florian

Beatrix Gates

Ada Limón

Paul McCormick

Joyelle McSweeney

Amanda Nadelberg

Daniel Nester

Mark O’Neil

Francis Raven

Andrew Roberts

Brian Torrey Scott

Laura Sims

Jeff Tapia

Cody Walker

Joshua Marie Wilkinson

Max Winter

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Entering its fourth year of continuous publication, Tarpaulin Sky publishes transgenre work as well as innovative poetry and prose by established and emerging writers. Each issue is visually unique, designed around the work of a featured artist.