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Recent Titles


Kenyon Review on Amy King’s “The Missing Museum”

At Kenyon Review, editor Janet McAdams dives into Amy King's The Missing Museum (TS Press 2016): "A visceral stunner ... and an instruction manual.... King’s archival work testifies to the power—however obscured by the daily noise of our historical moment—of art, of the possibility for artists to legislate the world."

Lambda Literary Reviews The Missing Museum by Amy King (TS 2016)

The books we publish are often "difficult." Some reviewers have the chops to deal with it. Others, not so much. We get lucky with Heather Seggel at Lambda Literary, who is willing to to tackle Amy King's latest, The Missing Museum, a book that is precisely as difficult as, you know, the rest of life.

Aaron Apps’s Intersex (TS 2015) in American Book Review

"Graphic vignettes involving live alligators, diarrhea in department store bathrooms, domesticity, dissected animals, and the medicalization of sex…. Aaron Apps’s hybrid work extends beyond the lyrical and textual… An abandonment of sorts, a style of writing unafraid of failure and therefore willing to employ risk as a model for confronting violence, living with it, learning from it."

Steven Dunn, excerpts from Potted Meat, in Columbia Journal

Columbia Journal features fiction by Steven Dunn: excerpts from his debut novel, Potted Meat, forthcoming from Tarpaulin Sky Press in 2016. "Chrissy Ann don’t stink. She smells like work. Like how I smell like coal smoke. She lives at the end of the holla on top of a mountain and has lots of hogs and chickens. She feeds them every morning. When I was at her house her little brother stuck a stick up the hog’s butt. Chrissy Ann slapped the shit out of him. Then she hugged the hog. Then she said we should take a walk in the woods to get out the heat and away from her stupid brother...."

Fanzine engagement with The Sugar Book by Johannes Goransson

"If it’s automatic writing, it’s machinic (firing on all eight cylinders). A circular vernacular. Freud’s death drive tied through repetition compulsion plus mnemonics to standard schoolmarm SVO. Haunt Musique. Sends its message like a mail train. Visceral Surrealism. [Johannes Goransson's] end game is an exit wound."

Publishers Weekly reviews Johannes Goransson’s The Sugar Book

"Doubling down on his trademark misanthropic imagery amid a pageantry of the unpleasant, Johannes Göransson strolls through a violent Los Angeles in this hybrid of prose and verse…. Prostitution, pubic hair, Orpheus, law, pigs, disease, Francesca Woodman ... and the speaker’s hunger for cocaine and copulation..... Fans of Göransson’s distorted poetics will find this a productive addition to his body of work."

Entropy Mag review of Johannes Goransson’s The Sugar Book

"In Johannes Göransson’s poetry, there is no self-congratulation…. Göransson is a controversial poet.... Göransson is certainly of the Left, but his work is as savagely anti-idealist as Burroughs or Guyotat or Ballard. Like those writers, he has no interest in assuring the reader that she or he lives, along with the poet, on the right side of history."

Tarpaulin Sky author Jennifer S. Cheng awarded NEA Fellowship!

We are thrilled to announce that Jennifer S. Cheng (Moon: Letters, Maps, Poems) has been awarded a $25,000 Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry, from the National Endowment of the Arts. We'd like to congratulate all the other winners as well -- with a special nod to TS Magazine contributor Kiki Petrosino!

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