Christian Peet

Christian Peet is the author of Angela’s Story (forthcoming, TS/GPB), a true-crime novel about the wrongful conviction of his teenage nephew Jeremy Barney, in addition to the cross-genre texts Big American Trip (Shearsman Books), Pluto: Never Forget (Interbirth Books) and The Nines (Palm Press). His work in appears in the anthologies A Best Of Fence: The First Nine Years (Fence Books) and A Megaphone (Chain Arts), and in numerous journals and magazines in print an online: Action Yes, Denver Quarterly, Drunken Boat, Fence, SleepingFish, Spinning Jenny, Trickhouse, et al.

Peet received a BA from Bennington College, a MFA from Goddard College, and has taught Literature and Creative Writing classes at Brooklyn College and Hunter College, CUNY. He is the founder and publisher of Tarpaulin Sky Press. He also writes things for his website, Supplicium.



Reconstructed from case files and interviews, Angela’s Story is a heartbreaking true-crime novel about the wrongful conviction of Jeremy Barney, who as a teenager was sentenced to twenty years in maximum-security prison for crimes that never even occurred.

Nonfiction / Novel | 5.25″x8″ | 200 pp. | Paperback
Forthcoming, 2018

With illustrations by Noah Saterstrom.

Read more about the case at the website for Jeremy Barney.


Everyday Genius: Christian Peet

Thanks to guest editor Joe Hall, Everyday Genius includes not one but three days of alleged genius from TS publisher Christian Peet, via something called a “Kabbalnacht” in three “Tritone Lectures,” wherein Twelve Black Holes of Wisdom hath for their root and crown the Ineffable (K).

Christian Peet’s “Pluto: Never Forget” now available

TS publisher Christian Peet has a new chapbook out, Pluto: Never Forget, published by Interbirth Books. Twenty-six books are bound between boards using the coptic stitch, lettered A-Z, and signed by the author. Fifty books are bound in paper using the pamphlet stitch. The cover is an original silk screen print.

Interview with TS Publisher Christian Peet

Christian on calling potential authors: “I like to see what kind of vibe I get…. Because one just never knows—will they be easy to work with, or do they seem a bit uptight? Are they flakey? Do they sound like they’re on a lot of medication? These are good things to know.”

What a (Pro)Feminist [Man Poet] Looks Like

This is What a (Pro)Feminist [Man Poet] Looks Like features an essay by TS publisher Christian Peet. Peet’s response includes three mini-essays on the work of past TS Mag Guest Editors Bhanu Kapil and Selah Saterstrom, as well as the work of Aase Berg.

Christian Peet’s Big American Trip

We are pleased to announce our own Christian Peet’s Big American Trip, now out from Shearman Books (U.K.). Assuming the form of postcards authored by an “alien” of unknown nationality, ethnicity, and gender, Big American Trip is a startling document of fear and loneliness in the 21st century U.S.

No Colony #2

No Colony #2, edited by Blake Butler, includes new work by TS publisher Christian Peet, forthcoming TS author Joanna Ruocco, as well as past TS Magazine contributors Rauan Klassnik, Bryson Newhart, and Blake Butler himself.

Trickhouse Vol. 1

Brought to you by Noah Saterstrom, the inaugural issue of Trickhouse features TS publisher Christian Peet and TS editor Julianna Spallholz, along with a host of brilliant writers, visual artists, sound designers, and videographers.

Alice Blue #8

The eighth issue of Alice Blue features new work by TSky publisher Christian Peet, as well as poetry and prose by Ken Rumble, Corey Mesler, Merida Gorman, Robert Jacoby, Mike Young, Matthew Savoca, Trey Moody, Erica Lewis, John Findura, Andrea Kneeland, Serena Rose Chopra, and Donald Dunbar.

In Posse #24

Guest edited by Richard Garcia and TSky’s own Julianna Spallholz, the 24th issue of In Posse Review features a host of TSky folk: publisher Christian Peet, press authors Jenny Boully, Mark Cunningham, and G.C. Waldrep; and journal contributors Annie Guthrie, Tom O’Connell, and Cody Walker.