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Lauren Gordon’s “Keen” Reviewed by Fox Frazier-Foley

“Lauren Gordon’s chapbook Keen (Horse Less Press, 2014) is inevitably attractive to those of us who grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries. These poems are at once unforgiving, playful, inventive, and interrogative, and to experience them is to re-read said mysteries with a certain amount of fond nostalgia, even as we re-read our younger selves—those versions of us who once absorbed these stories less critically.”

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Justin Limoli’s “Bloodletting in Minor Scales [A Canvas in Arms]” reviewed by M. Forajter

“This is what poetry is. Justin is better than you. Bloodletting does everything you are afraid to do. It kicks poetic convention to the curb because in the face of real suffering, none of our rules matter. Even the everyday shape of a poem cannot live up to pain. The poem repeats. The poem spills over. The poem becomes a play.” — M. Forajter on Justin Limoli’s Bloodletting in Minor Scales [A Canvas in Arms] (Plays Inverse 2014)

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Laura Ellen Joyce’s “The Luminol Reels” reviewed by Elizabeth Mikesch

“To read this book is to be induced to squat above a sororal cistern in a hiked-up dress. Authoritative, excessive, and grotesque, Joyce destabilizes that trend where people write saccharine shit in technical language, which is something some writers do to endear themselves to readers when they have pissants for feelings” — Elizabeth Mikesch on The Luminol Reels by Laura Ellen Joyce (Calamari Ink 2014)

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