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What I’m Reading Now… by Kathleen Weaver

Kathleen Weaver on Arctic Dreams, Imagination and Desire in a Northern Landscape, by Barry Lopez; The Poetic Species, A Conversation with Edward O. Wilson and Robert Hass; A Place to Live and Other Selected Essays, by Natalia Ginzburg, chosen & translated from Italian by Lynne Sharon Schwartz; Secretaries of the Moon, The Letters of Wallace Stevens & José Rodriguez Feo (eds. Beverly Coyle, Alan Filreis); and The Journal of Jules Renard (edited and translated by Louise Bogan and Elizabeth Roget).

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Phebus Etienne. Photograph by Rachel Eliza Griffiths © 2006

What I’m Reading Now… by giovanni singleton

giovanni singleton discusses The Collected Poems of Lucille Clifton 1965-2010 (BOA Editions, Ltd. 2012); Douglas Kearney, buck studies (Fence Books, 2016); devorah major, and then we became (City Lights Books, 2016); James Baldwin, Collected Essays (Library of America, 1998); Phebus Etienne, Chainstitching (unpublished manuscript).

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What I’m Reading Now… by Erica Baum

Erica Baum on The Genius of Birds by Jennifer Ackerman (Penguin Press 2016); Margaret the First by Danielle Dutton (Catapult Press 2016); Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archives by Susan Howe (Christine Burgin / New Directions 2014); Three Strong Women by Marie Ndiaye (Alfred A. Knopf 2012); and Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey (Little Brown and Company 2016)

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What I’m Reading Now… by Joseph Massey

“I’m currently reading at least twenty books at the moment (I’m just eyeballing the stacks on my nightstand), from Wake Up and Roar by Papaji to The Black Dahlia by James Ellroy — but there are books that have lingered on the nightstand for a few months because I continue to return to them.”

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Lissa Wolsak’s “Of Beings Alone” Reviewed by Katie Hibner

Katie Hibner reviews Of Beings Alone (Tinfish Press, 2016): “With the ability to technologically manicure and customize every element of our existence, from our profile pictures to our potential lovers, to maybe even our children in the near future, I fear that Wolsak’s dystopia will expand outside of her text and into reality. Of Beings Alone is a jolting reminder to surrender to imperfection: appreciate the bruises on your ‘windfall pears.'”

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Kim Hyesoon’s “Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream” Reviewed by Lisa A. Flowers

Lisa A. Flowers reviews Sorrowtoothpaste Mirrorcream by Kim Hyesoon, translated by Don Mee Choi (Action Books): “A collection that intelligent children and adults alike will trip on and all-up-into. It’s the kind of book that’s as suited for DMT/LSD as it is for a vividly imagination-stimulating preschool storytime; and, of course, it’s a must for any occult-obsessee.”

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