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October 2018 at TS Press: Steven Dunn, “water & power”

Navy veteran Steven Dunn’s second novel, water & power (Tarpaulin Sky Press 2018) plunges into military culture and engages with perceptions of heroism and terrorism, in a collage of voices, documents, and critical explorations that disrupt the usual frequency channels of military narratives. “Steven Dunn’s remarkable talent for storytelling collapses the boundaries between poetry and prose, memoir and fiction” (NIKKI WALLSCHLAEGER); “Complex and bold and conflicted and powerful and terrified and tough and human” (KHADIJAH QUEEN)

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Now available: Shira Dentz’s “how do i net thee”

TS Editor Shira Dentz’s how do I net thee is now available from Salmon Poetry. “A diagram of a voice drawn through lyric, visual, and prose poems threading schisms within a family, within a society brutalized by racial tensions, and within the space crossed in the transition from fertility to its loss.”

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