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We Miss Mark Baumer So Much

On January 20, 2017, Mark achieved the 100-day milestone of his barefoot walk across the United States to raise awareness of climate change. He made it from Rhode Island to Florida. On January 21, a little after noon, he was killed when a SUV crossed into the shoulder of the road. He was wearing a reflective orange safety vest.

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Piper J. Daniels: Ladies Lazarus

“Piper J. Daniels is going to rip the essay world apart. She’s the kind of writer who buries herself, lives among the dead, then comes to life again to levitate in the stormy air. Ladies Lazarus is the best debut I’ve read in a long time. Daniels has resurrected the personal essay and what it is and what it can do” (Jenny Boully); “An extremely intelligent, impressively understated, and achingly powerful work” (David Shields); “A siren song from planet woman, a love letter from the body, a resistance narrative against the dark” (Lidia Yuknavitch).

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