Election 2016

Laynie Browne, Two Poems

“She closed her eyes and remained very still, until she began to feel the language inside her soften, until the gormless dissolved, until gothic overtones rose to the surface, fell and expired into the theatrics supporting her, until her breathing became a succession of cures. What is literature for?”

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M. NourbeSe Philip on the 2016 US Election

Post election essay by M. NourbeSe Philip: “Trump has won the hearts and minds of the American public that is the raw underbelly of a bloated, imperialist state. He has given new meaning to the expression: Anybody can become president of the United States—anybody as in serial harasser and predator of women; as in known racist supported by the KKK; as in a shady dealer, snake oil salesman; as in confirmed liar. Anybody! But a competent, experienced, intelligent woman.”

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Poem by Arisa White: “Two Days After 11/9”

Post-election poem by Arisa White: “I took a walk outside today, / the helicopters are done / with surveillance, protestors / left burning roofs smoldered, / the tears of motherfuckers, down. // Bright nigger stars cause novas / in the parking lot, dice roll, / they exhale their Prop 64, / and I want someone to say / something magical to me, / like they’re a bouncy house / ready to soundbite their way / into believing this was not / our country a week ago.”

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