TS Mag: Trans-genre

Anna Maria Hong, Excerpts from H & G

“It was another 30 years before G. felt that very few people wanted to eat her or do her monstrous harm. Most people, she concluded, had enough of a handle on themselves to be indifferent, and only a few were wired to commit murder, cannibalism, child sacrifice….” — from Anna Maria Hong’s H & G, a finalist for the 2017 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prizes.

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Essay by Anne Gorrick: Taking Text Outside = Interstitial Acts

“Let’s think a bit about textual art that is ephemeral, outside, fugitive; text that isn’t carved into a building or a street or a stone or a wall. Let’s note the diminutive textual adventure. The infinitesimal moment. I want to think about earth texts beyond shelter. Going outside brings the death in a little, releases the work into the air. Poem as prayer flag. Poem as act against the immaculate. Text as emphatic and intimate protest.”

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Rem + Rom, excerpt from “A Raft Manifest”

In the wake of The Becoming (book 1 of the West of Kingdom Come quadrilogy), the feral twin brothers Rem + Rom “eggnawledge itchudder” and “reeleyes” their current state (fathered by a rogue member of the Lewis + Clark expedition and reared by a she-wolf) and build a log raft to “riverse ingenear” their father’s route-cum-rut that berthed them unceremoniously in spitting image at the mouth of the Columbia—all in the name of westward expansion.

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