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Everyday Genius: Christian Peet

Thanks to guest editor Joe Hall, Everyday Genius includes not one but three days of alleged genius from TS publisher Christian Peet, via something called a “Kabbalnacht” in three “Tritone Lectures,” wherein Twelve Black Holes of Wisdom hath for their root and crown the Ineffable (K).

Christian Peet’s “Pluto: Never Forget” now available

TS publisher Christian Peet has a new chapbook out, Pluto: Never Forget, published by Interbirth Books. Twenty-six books are bound between boards using the coptic stitch, lettered A-Z, and signed by the author. Fifty books are bound in paper using the pamphlet stitch. The cover is an original silk screen print.

Interview with TS Publisher Christian Peet

Christian on calling potential authors: "I like to see what kind of vibe I get.... Because one just never knows—will they be easy to work with, or do they seem a bit uptight? Are they flakey? Do they sound like they’re on a lot of medication? These are good things to know."

Christian Peet’s Big American Trip reviewed at The Offending Adam

At The Offending Adam, Craig Santos Perez reviews Christian Peet's Big American Trip: "These postcard meditations call into question what America means by 'we,' and why many feel that the presence of immigrants means there isn’t enough barbed wire to keep them ('us') out. . . ."

The Rumpus review of Christian Peet’s Big American Trip

At The Rumpus Angela Stubbs reviews TS publisher Christian Peet's Big American Trip (Shearsman Books, 2009): "addresses all of our insecurities as artists, as lovers, and as citizens who lack the ability to understand one another, regardless of which language we speak."

Verse Magazine Review of Christian Peet’s Big American Trip

Brittany Taylor reviews TS publisher Christian Peet's Big American Trip, at Verse magazine: "seeks to recall America’s erased history, deridable and otherwise. . . . The postcards are at once addressed to no one and everyone; it does not matter who reads them, but everyone will."

What a (Pro)Feminist [Man Poet] Looks Like

This is What a (Pro)Feminist [Man Poet] Looks Like features an essay by TS publisher Christian Peet. Peet's response includes three mini-essays on the work of past TS Mag Guest Editors Bhanu Kapil and Selah Saterstrom, as well as the work of Aase Berg.

Review of Christian Peet’s Big American Trip

Cynthia Reeser reviews Christian Peet's Big American Trip in the new issue of Prick of the Spindle. "Written as a collection of postcards in a non-native voice, the slim volume packs a mighty punch...."

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