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Kenyon Review on Amy King’s “The Missing Museum”

At Kenyon Review, editor Janet McAdams dives into Amy King's The Missing Museum (TS Press 2016): "A visceral stunner ... and an instruction manual.... King’s archival work testifies to the power—however obscured by the daily noise of our historical moment—of art, of the possibility for artists to legislate the world."

Lambda Literary Reviews The Missing Museum by Amy King (TS 2016)

The books we publish are often "difficult." Some reviewers have the chops to deal with it. Others, not so much. We get lucky with Heather Seggel at Lambda Literary, who is willing to to tackle Amy King's latest, The Missing Museum, a book that is precisely as difficult as, you know, the rest of life.

Review of Amy King’s “The Missing Museum”

At Big Bang Poetry, Mary McCray reviews Amy King's The Missing Museum (TS Press 2016): "Reminded me of poems by Jim Carroll ... or Henry Rollins. These poems are unkempt, full of street-intellectualizing that is delightfully pushy."

2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize Winners & Finalists

We said that we'd pick two, but went ahead and picked four instead. Also: calling up first-time authors at home? There is just no better part of this job. Meet the winners and read excerpts: Steven Dunn’s novel Potted Meat, Dana Green’s fiction collection Sometimes the Air in the Room Goes Missing, Amy King’s poetry collection The Missing Museum, and Kim Parko’s novel The Grotesque Child.

Amy King, The Missing Museum

Co-winner of the 2015 Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize, Amy King's poetry collection, The Missing Museum, acts through ekphrasis, apostrophe & alchemical conjuring: "It’s funny, the way we keep nature /outdoors like an envelope between us we mean /to open down the road."