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Intersex, by Aaron Apps: Review Copies & Pre-Orders Now Available

Intersex explores gender as it forms in concrete and unavoidable patterns in the material world. In this hybrid-genre memoir, intersexed author Aaron Apps adopts and upends historical descriptors of hermaphroditic bodies such as “freak of nature,” “hybrid,” “imposter,” “sexual pervert,” and “unfortunate monstrosity” in order to trace his own monstrous sex as it perversely intertwines with gender expectations and medical discourse.

Indeterminate Texts

which may or may not be twice- or thrice-listed in other genres. Please don't freak out.

Emily Anderson: “Existing Subscriber”

Photo-documenting Anderson’s process of revising a work of lyric criticism, “Existing Subscriber” explores the relationship between desire, loss, and the process of composition, through a study of notes, hesitations, web searches, gchats, and rituals as the author revises an essay that resists closure.


j/j hastain, selections from Rubatos Contiguous to a Mitochondrial Eve: a Memoir in Musical Fictions

You have to follow the image all the way through in order to have image become the capacity (in you) for prophesy. Sperm and seed abound, capable of being buried. See my follow-through like implanting strings and strands within the impetus of sperm and seed, inside of what writhes between my own legs, what bubbles over from my third eye. See me literally sewing strands and strings in so that I can marionette my own genitals by way of my accurate genders.



Laura Ellen Joyce’s “The Luminol Reels” reviewed by Elizabeth Mikesch

“To read this book is to be induced to squat above a sororal cistern in a hiked-up dress. Authoritative, excessive, and grotesque, Joyce destabilizes that trend where people write saccharine shit in technical language, which is something some writers do to endear themselves to readers when they have pissants for feelings” — Elizabeth Mikesch on The Luminol Reels by Laura Ellen Joyce (Calamari Ink 2014)


is to Billy Collins what love is to domestic violence

Poems by Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer

She bears her horns and becomes /
like a bright object, made by art. /
And the jewel says: To make /
and: A reminder to keep the law, /
and she performed a rite /
and the jewel said: /
Do, make, do, make, /
And she: Make do, amuletum, /
voices of unknown origin.

Photo: Josh Wascome

Poems by Kim Vodicka

The love upon our garden gates / is whereupon gapes gunlight. // The Sussex annex of exploding hearts / in the fort nexus of forever. // They all smile when they say it.



Fiction by Steven Seidenberg

The desire for change—the quest for originality—is empowered by stagnation, by the fear of being fixed within a posture of decline. That other straw men burn before the altar of the idem is not cause enough to join them, to wallow in the comfort of some transcendental plan. For me, there is no promise in the specter of the witness, in being forced to smut the lens that trains upon the page, so much as by a history surrendered to discernment, the bearing of some harborage between…


Fiction by Ben Segal

So much is made of Simone Weil having starved herself to death. The Nazis, you know. I could starve myself to death for a thousand good reasons and none of them would be good reasons after all.


Fiction by Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi

I thought about all the baby had experienced, and concluded that her name should be Amulet baby, since she was strong and mysteriously unharmed by the elements of hunger and sickness. I sang her name a few times: “Amulet baby,” I said, and in my mind retired the name of limp baby, and she smiled at me so that I knew she liked her name.

FEATURED Interviews

humanimal ldl2

Letters to Bhanu Kapil

In 2010, Ching-In Chen asked Jai Arun Ravine to interview Bhanu Kapil for a speculative literature issue for Asian American Poetry and Writing. At the time, Bhanu was in India and unavailable for an interview, so she asked Lucas de Lima to answer Jai’s questions as an interpolate…. In 2013, Bhanu, Lucas and Jai re-convened with Bhanu asking Jai and Lucas questions. The feral appendix they created appears in part two of this piece.

Vanessa Place.
Photo: Lawrence Schwartzwald.

Vanessa Place interviewed by Eireene Nealand

After talking with former prisoners about how beside-the-point their presence in court felt; after being called up and not selected for jury duty; after wondering about the metaphysics of court trials Eireene Nealand wrote to Vanessa Place, a poet and defense appellate attorney, who specializes in sexual offense cases.


Urs Allemann interviewed by Elizabeth Hall

“Perhaps I even underestimated the ‘Babyfucker’ by minimizing for myself the antagonism between beauty and monstrosity. Monstrosity can’t be beautified away by skillful prose pirouettes. Beauty doesn’t sublate monstrosity. And today I understand much better those people who find that there’s nothing beautiful there, nothing at all, just a triumph of monstrosity. However: the fact that there were people who read the text in all seriousness as ‘Confessions from the Life of a Pedophile’ — that baffles me to this day.”


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